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High Stim pre

High Caffeine Content

18+ only

20 Servings


For those seeking Arctic God like energy


L-Citrulline is shown to increase Arginine levels in the body, which supports the production of Nitric Oxide. This in turn has benefits like increasing blood flow, oxygen transportation and nutrient uptake, as well as assisting muscle functions for improved output and growth.


Choline Bitartrate Without choline supplementation, blood-choline levels skidded downward by about 22 to 32 per cent after workouts; with choline, they went up by 27 to 33 per cent increasing focus and alertness. Choline also enhanced pre-workout vigour and reduced post-workout fatigue.


Caffeine Anhydrous - Stimulant


Juglans Regia. The sports supplement industry is interested in Juglans Extract because it is a powerful psychoactive mental stimulant that increases mental energy and focus. It causes you to feel an increase in mood, and an increase in cognitive capacity.


Theobromine has been suggested to have subtle psychoactive effects similar to caffeine. Increase blood flow. Theobromine may be able to dilate blood vessels, which could possibly enhance muscle function and recovery during and after exercise.


Kigelia Africana extract is the strongest booster on the market. Kigelia Africana extract is made from the bark of the Kigelia Africana tree. Kigelia Africana Extract or DMHA is extremely effective performance-enhancing, gives you a real one Energy and motivation boost and sharpens the focus. Furthermore Kigelia Africana Extract boosts fat burning properly.


Amento Pump™ a bioflavonoid, First, it increases calcium release within the muscle cell. Calcium is required for muscle contractions to occur; the more calcium released into the cell, the stronger the muscular contraction which equates to significant increases in strength. Second, it is a phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor, which is a well-known mechanism of vasodilatation. Amentoflavone’s ability to inhibit PDE means greater “pumps” and performance.


NeuroPEA™ is a new age stimulant that is a component of Eria Jarensis. NeuroPEA™ shares a lot of characteristics with the notorious DMAA - a stimulant which has been banned for sometime. NeuroPEA™ acts similarly but without the same harsh side effects which caused the FDA to ban DMAA.


Bioperine™ - improved absorption rate and overall thermogenesis properties to help with energy and increased internal temperature. Increased metabolism rate has also been linked to BioPerine® to help regulate body weight.

Arcticus (Strawberry Flavour)

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